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Property Management

Benefits for You and Your Property by Utilizing Property Management Services and Systems.

For many people, the task of leasing and maintaining their rental property results in dreaded maintenance calls, deadbeat tenants, and hours upon hours of frustration. For others, the process is streamlined to simply receiving updates on their property’s performance, and waiting for the monthly rental check to deposit into their account. The difference between the two scenarios is largely the network of systems that each side of the story has put in place.

Priority Property Management has invested heavily in perfecting its systems to provide the best experience for its owners, and is continually reviewing its methods to ensure the best service possible. These systems allow us to lease our owners’ properties more quickly with qualified tenants, and efficiently handle maintenance requests, delinquencies, and evictions. In addition to streamlining operations, Priority Property Management also acts as a buffer between owners and tenants, and will press the tough issues and ask the hard questions so that our clients will not have to.

Tips for You and Your Property

If you decide to manage your own property, here are some tips that we have included for your benefit:

Make sure that the property is in immaculate condition, including shampooed carpets and completing any needed repairs.

Tenant Screening
As mentioned before, this is the most important step in successful property management. We recommend that your tenants meet at least the following criteria:

  • Credit Check: No bankruptcies or repossessions in the past 18 months, as well as no late payments on revolving accounts for the past 12 months.
  • Rental History: Positive rental history, including no evictions. We recommend calling the past two rental residences, if possible, as their present landlord may not be inclined to paint an entirely accurate picture if they are desperate to remove a problem tenant!
  • Income: The monthly gross household income should be equal to at least three times the monthly rent. This leaves enough margin for tenants to comfortably afford the payments and meet their other monthly obligations.

Take Immediate Action Against Delinquent Tenants: Taking swift action is the best preventative from future misconduct. Never waive late fees. Be sure to be firm, but also to be respectful and fair.