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What would happen if I need to vacate the property before my lease expires?
Your lease agreement does not contain and “out clause”, and you are responsible for rent through the end of your contact period.

In the event you vacate early, your security deposit will be forfeited to the owner of the property, and you will receive a final statement showing a balance due for rent through the end of your contract period in addition to any other miscellaneous charges applicable following the move-out inspection.

Does that mean you won’t lease the property again until my contract period ends?
Following the receipt of your keys in our office, PPM will conduct the move-out inspection and prepare the property for re-lease.  In the event a new tenant is placed prior to your contract end date, you will receive a revised statement showing a balance due for the applicable miscellaneous charges and charges for rent for the vacancy period only, as we cannot collect double rent for one property.

I am being re-located for work, does that qualify me to vacate the property early without penalty?
No. There is no “out clause” regardless of the reason for vacating early.  The only exception is a military move.

When will I get my deposit back?
Your final account statement and applicable deposit will be mailed via certified return receipt to the forwarding address provided within 30 days of your lease end date.

What happens if I don’t know my forwarding address or don’t want to give it to you?
The final statement will then be mailed to the vacated property as the last known address.  If you have a forward in place with the post office, the item will be forwarded to you.  Otherwise it will be returned to our office.

Failure to provide a forwarding address may cause delays in the item reaching you.

I will be moving when my lease ends, how do I give you notice?
The Tenant Vacating Notice can be found on our website under the Resident Help Desk and must be hand delivered to our office, or sent to us via certified mail prior to the first day of the last month of the lease term.

The notice may be mailed or delivered with greater than 30 days’ notice, but not less than.  In the event the notice is less than 30 days, you will be deemed to hold over on a month-to-month basis and the notice will be accepted for the following calendar month and may be subject to a 20% increase for an unapproved month-to-month term.

I have been on an approved month-to-month agreement, can I give 30 days’ notice any time since I am no longer in a lease?
No.  In a month-to-month lease agreement, you are still bound by the original contract signed, wherein your lease rolls over on a calendar month-to-month, and notice can only be given for a calendar month end.

For example: Notice given on 06/13/2018 would apply for a move-out date of 07/31/2018 NOT a move-out date of 07/13/2018.

My roommate is moving out and I want to move someone else in, do I need permission to do that?
Any party residing the property must go through a background screening and be approved by PPM and the property owner prior to move-in.

What do you need from me/us to move someone new in?
The applying party will need to go online to our website and submit their application on one of any of our available properties, and in the “comments” of the application they will need to provide the name and address of the person with which they will be moving, and the application will be moved accordingly.

The remaining tenant(s) and applicant must provide current proof of income showing that the income for the property remains at least three times the monthly rent.

If my roommate moves out, but I stay, will you send them half of the security deposit?
No. The security deposit remains in full with the property.  In the event one or more of the parties to the initial lease remain in the property, the security deposit will also remain with the property.

If my roommate moves-out, but I stay, will you do a move-out inspection on just their room?
No. A move-out inspection is only conducted after all parties to the original lease have vacated.

Is there a fee to move someone out and move someone else in?
Yes. There is a $50 application fee that must be provided at the time the application is submitted and there is a fee of $150 to change the financially responsible parties on the lease.  This fee will be charged against your account and will be due no later than the date the following rent payment is due.